Sunday, June 26, 2011

I love presents.

So my in-laws recently got back from a trip to China and Hong Kong, and they returned with gifts that they gave to Dan and I last night, including a pretty purple satin bag embroidered with dragonflies, filled with magical goodies, to be specific three bottles of nail polish from Bonjour in Hong Kong. I have no idea why Asian countries have such awesome polish compared to the US, but they really do. I kept the Bonjour store stickers on the bottles, even though it seems messy and awkward, just because it's so special and I'll likely never have polish from Hong Kong again (unless I order it online, but that's not as special.)

L-R is Estilo-103, Lajour-49, and Needme-57

Here is Estilo-103. When I swatched it on my wheel it reminded me of Nina Ultra Pro-Purple Xing, but with more sparkle, a slightly lighter purple, and a far less gritty texture. In the bottle it's a mesmerizing explosion of holo glitter.

This is Needme-57. While I think the bottle is adorable (cute pearlized white embossed cap, designs imprinted into the glass, all propped up on a little pedestal, so cute) I wasn't blown away by the polish when I first saw it, a frosted shimmery mid toned cross between a mint green and a teal, this looked like it would be similar to a bunch of polishes I already own. Then I swatched it and it literally glows on the wheel like it's lit from within. So yes, I very much like this polish. And the bottle.

(this is greener in real life, my camera seems to hate blues and blue toned greens)

I saved the best for last, Lajour-49 is a teal/blue/purple shimmery multichrome that reminds me of RBL-Scrangie (based on photos, alas I don't have any RBL yet.) The bottle is nice heavy glass too. I LOVE this nail polish.

I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of these polishes, from what I've read on nail blogs Asian nail polish can sometimes have really strong unpleasant odors. The Estilo smells 3-free (and it doesn't have a camphor smell either,) and the Needme and Lajour both just smell like old big-3 polishes, nothing exceptionally offensive.

Now for a nice anticlimactic ending, my current manicure, yet again today is day three, I don't know why but I lack all motivation lately, I think it's because summer still triggers lazy in my brain after all those years with summer breaks from school. After I post this I might take a nap.

Sinful Colors-Happy Ending, a happy apple green with a really subtle gold shimmer. I saw this on blogs and knew I had to have it, and I'm glad I followed that lust. My nails are getting really long, for me at least, and I keep just poking the tips into the pads of my fingers to feel how long they are, I'm a bit obsessed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

two manicures

I've been lazy and unmotivated, with some health and dental stuff going on, plus it's been raining all the time so sunlight for photos is scarce. So unceremoniously I present my last two manicures, both photographed on day 3 with some tip wear.

First up is Chanel-ParticuliƩre, a mushroomy murky taupe. The formula was fantastic.

Next up is Icing-Bird of Paradise two coats layered over three coats of Sinful Colors-I Love You.. Bird of Paradise is a thick gelatinous purple tinted clear base packed with glitter that looks orange in most lights but flashes gold and green at some angles, it's a very cool polish, I Love You is a sheer purple jelly with glass mini flecks that flash pink and gold, it takes three coats for opacity. I love this combo, I keep staring at my nails. I don't know how me it is though, it makes me feel like I'm looking at someone else's hands.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ozotic Pro 518. It's red, and it's a linear holo. It's pretty much heaven sent. Take how it looks in these photos, then multiply that times 100, and you're getting close to how good it looks in person.

My only complaint is that the ingredients list on the label is big 3 free, but from the smell I don't think that's accurate. This smells like 90s nail polish, not just strong or bad like Kleancolor or BYS, but that particular smell of big 3 polish. I'd be more annoyed if I wasn't a polish hoarder and planned on wearing this frequently, but since I'm at 200+ bottles of polish, I don't worry too much about this or the few older big 3 OPI and Essies that I have.

Revel in the glory

Monday, June 13, 2011

dusty glitter goodness

Butter London-No More Waity, Katie. I really like this color, and I'm glad I finally bought it before it sold out completely. I went back and forth on it since it's release, but it's so much more gorgeous in person.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nubar-Indigo Illusion

I'm not usually big on multichromes, they never look at awesome on the nail as they do in the bottle. Until now. Indigo Illusion was part of my first order from Nubar, along with Reclaim and 2010, and so far I'm impressed. The colors are great, the formula is smooth, and I've had this on three days with minimal chipping or tip wear.