Thursday, June 23, 2011

two manicures

I've been lazy and unmotivated, with some health and dental stuff going on, plus it's been raining all the time so sunlight for photos is scarce. So unceremoniously I present my last two manicures, both photographed on day 3 with some tip wear.

First up is Chanel-ParticuliƩre, a mushroomy murky taupe. The formula was fantastic.

Next up is Icing-Bird of Paradise two coats layered over three coats of Sinful Colors-I Love You.. Bird of Paradise is a thick gelatinous purple tinted clear base packed with glitter that looks orange in most lights but flashes gold and green at some angles, it's a very cool polish, I Love You is a sheer purple jelly with glass mini flecks that flash pink and gold, it takes three coats for opacity. I love this combo, I keep staring at my nails. I don't know how me it is though, it makes me feel like I'm looking at someone else's hands.

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