Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nail Polish Stash aka glitter*barf*splosion

Here's my friend Helmer

Helmer houses my stash. He's from Ikea, and he makes me happy. On top of Helmer I keep my giant bottle of polish remover (Beauty Secrets acetone polish remover,) my polish thinner (Beauty Secrets,) my pure acetone, base and top coats that I was just meh about, and my cleanup supplies (small plate, small angled synthetic paintbrush, and a little plastic tupperware.) Inside Helmer I keep the goods.

Here's the top drawer where I keep reds and pinks, along with nail decals and stickers. I don't have many reds or pinks because I don't often see really interesting unique ones that I totally have to have. If a polish has a star sticker on top it means I haven't worn it yet

And here are my red and pink polishes

First Row L-R
1.China Glaze-Mrs Claus, 2.Response-Frame Sparkle, 3.Orly-Star Spangled, 4.Love My Nails-Crazy For You, 5.Love My Nails-Bright Star,  6.Love My Nails-Merlot, 7.Arissa-Red Signal, 8.Wet n Wild-Tickled Pink
Second Row L-R
1.Ruby Kisses-Ruby Slippers, 2.Lacura-Classic Red, 3.Studio M-Slamming Red, 4.Zoya-Kalmia, 5.Essie-Jag-U-Are, 6.Wet n Wild-Glitz, 7.elf-Fair Pink, 8.elf-Red Velvet

Here's the second drawer, yellows and oranges. I like yellows and oranges a lot, but they're harder to find

And here are the yellow and orange polishes, I think you're probably starting to see how this is going

First Row L-R
1.Zoya-Tanzy,  2.Zoya-Penny, 3.Orly-Glitz, 4.Orly-Orange Punch, 5.Orly-Lemonade, 6.China Glaze-Celtic Sun
Second Row L-R
1.Sinful Colors-All About You, 2.Love My Nails-Hot Tamale, 3.Wet n Wild-Sunny Side Up, 4.Pure Ice-Unzip Me, 5.Essie-Haute as Hello, 6.LA Colors-Shock

Now come my greens. Greens are my favorite, so I have a bunch


First Row L-R
1.Zoya-Shawn, 2.Zoya-Apple, 3.Zoya-Ivanka, 4.Zoya-Midori, 5.Zoya-Southbeach Ice, 6.Zoya-Envy, 7.Zoya-Suvi, 8.NYX Girls-Sour Lime, 9.NYX Girls-Enchanted Forest
Second Row L-R
1.Wet n Wild-Teal of Fortune, 2.Wet n Wild-Morbid, 3.Wet n Wild-Caribbean Frost, 4.OPI-Green-Wich Villiage, 5.OPI-Gargantuan Green Grape, 6.OPI-Dazzle Me, 7.Orly-Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, 8.Orly-It's Not Rocket Science, 9.Orly-Wandering Vine
Third Row L-R
1.China Glaze-Peace on Earth, 2.China Glaze-Zombie Zest, 3.Ruby Kisses-Neon Green, 4.Hard Candy-Sweet P, 5.Sinful Colors-San Francisco, 6.Response-Jade, 7.Response-Emerald Sparkle, 8.Studio M-Lost in the Forrest, 9.Love My Nails-Envy
Fourth Row L-R
1.Essie-Mint Candy Apple, 2.Milani-Dress Maker, 3.LA Girl-Crowd Surfing, 4.LA Colors-Current


First Row L-R
1.MAC-Spirit of Truth, 2.Ruby Kisses-Teal Envy, 3.Ruby Kisses-Deal With the Devil, 4.Ruby Kisses-Baby Blue, 5.China Glaze-Techno Teal, 6.China Glaze-Blue Sparrow, 7.China Glaze-Dorothy Who, 8.China Glaze-For Audrey, 9.China Glaze-Midnight Mission
Second Row L-R
1.LA Colors-Jungle Fever, 2.LA Colors-Radiation, 3.LA Colors-Wired, 4.Zoya-Breezi, 5.Zoya-Crystal, 6.Milani-Cyberspace, 7.Nina Ultra Pro-In A Tiff, 8.Studio M-Whose That Girl, 9.Essence-Underwater, 10.Pure Ice-A List
Third Row L-R
1.OPI-No Room for the Blues, 2.Wet n Wild-Blue Moon, 3.Wet n Wild-Saved by the Blue, 4.Wet n Wild-Blue Wants to be a Millionaire, 5.Wet n Wild-Nocturnal, 6.Sinful Colors-Deep Blue Ocean, 7.Hard Candy-Sky, 8.Love My Nails-Violet are Blue, 9.Essie-Mesmerize

Purple- lately I keep buying purples, I think they're catching up to green to possibly someday tie for favorite. My camera, like most cameras, wasn't super color accurate capturing purples, so google around if you're unsure what something looks like, because this photo, it likely won't tell you

First Row L-R
1.Zoya-Adina, 2.Zoya-Faye, 3.Arissa-Rockin' Amethyst, 4.Nicole by OPI-Virtuous Violet, 5.Love My Nails-All That, 6.Revlon-Perplex, 7.Revlon-No Shrinking Violet, 8.China Glaze-Virtual Violet
Second Row L-R
1.Wet n Wild-Eggplant Frost, 2.Wet n Wild-Gray's Anatomy, 3.Hard Candy-Beetle, 4.Color Club-Wild at Heart, 5.Essie-Lilacism, 6.Orly-Charged Up, 7.Pure Ice-Busted, 8.Pure Ice-Cheatin'
Third Row L-R
1.LA Colors-Amethyst, 2.Milani-Hi-Res, 3.Nina Ultra Pro-Purple-Xing, 4.Sinful Colors-Daddy's Girl, 5.Sinful Colors-I Love You

Now here's the jumble drawer, The jumble drawer has neutrals, your blacks, whites, greys, beiges, it has precious metals, silvers, golds, coppers. it has my crackles, it has multi, holo, and iridescent glitters, and it has various glitters in black jelly bases. Behold, the odd ones out

We can start with the neutrals

First Row L-R
1.Studio M-French Tip, 2.Revlon-Matte Suede Powder Puff, 3.Revlon-Silver(which is very much a light grey, not a silver at all,) 4.Revlon-Stormy
Second Row L-R
1.Zoya-Kelly, 2.Orly-Liquid Vinyl, 3.Orly-Country Club Khaki, 4.elf-Chocolate

My China Glaze crackles

1.Crushed Candy, 2.Fault Line, 3.Cracked Concrete, 4.Lightening Bolt, 5.Black Mesh


First Row L-R
1.Ruby Kisses-Steel Magnolia, 2.China Glaze-Hologram, 3.Zoya-Laney, 4.Wet n Wild-Steel, 5.LA Colors-Silver Glitter, 6.Revlon-Steel-Her Heart, 7.Revlon-Gold Get 'Em
Second Row L-R
1.Response-Moonbeam Gold, 2.NYX Girls-Prismatic Gold, 3.Wet n Wild-Rustic

Black jelly glitters

First Row L-R
1.NYX Girls-Deep Space, 2.NYX Girls-Collection Noir, 3.NYX Girls-Robotic, 4.NYX Girls-Frizzy Spots
Second Row L-R
1.Milani-Spellbinding, 2.OPI-My Private Jet (yes, it's the original, it's probably the most sought after polish I own,) 3.Sinful Colors-What's Your Name, 4.Wet n Wild-Night Prowl

And now the raddest sort of polishes, multi, holo, and iridescent glitters in clear bases. I'm a magpie, I swear

First Row L-R
1.Milani-Gems (original without pink glitter,) 2.Deborah Lippman-Happy Birthday(!!!) 3. Revlon-Star, 4.Nicole by OPI-Bring on the Tinsel
Second Row L-R
1.Wet n Wild-Kaleidoscope,  2.Studio M-Magic Attraction, 3.Love My Nails-Crystal, 4.Love My Nails-Angel Baby

So that's my stash. This took for-freakin'-ever, but it was fun. For the curious, Studio M is a store brand for Meijer, a WalMart type store in the US Midwest, but the polishes are made by Forsythe Cosmetic Group, the company that makes Color Club. Some of the shade names are identical, and some shades are the same but with different names, for instance I'm almost 100% positive that Studio M-Whose That Girl is the same as Color Club-Take Me To Your Chateau.

My photos are not the best, my camera is not good. My husband and I got a camera from his parents for Hanukkah that we haven't tried out yet (we're a.lazy, b.technologically deficient), I'm hoping it works better, if it does I'm going to try to start doing swatch photos, which I think is exciting, I hope you do too.

As a bonus for making it all the way down this far on the post, a picture of my dog, Pogo. He's the best

His face is squooshy because he was sleeping.


  1. Pogo is seriously adorably, lookit that squooshy lil face! His name is also cute!

    Onto the polish! Pink and reds are my favourites followed by green, blue and yellow but I agree, yellows are difficult.

    You have so many, if I came over to your place I would paint each nail a different colour and then do it all again! :)

  2. He's the best dog in the world, and not just because I'm biased, I've had other wonderful dogs, but never as smart or with as much personality. I might write an entire post on him soon.

    Pink polishes are growing on me, thanks to the PPK. I like red, but it's hard to find ones that seem unique and aren't dupes of the few reds I already have.

    I don't paint each nail a different color, but up until the last week or so I was doing my nails on a daily basis. I've been busy this week though, my nails are actually naked right now.