Sunday, March 27, 2011

New camera! Now 125% more awesome (just an estimate)

So I tried to make tortillas, and that ended up being a bust, and I was sadface. So I did my nails, since doing my nails always cheers me up. Then I really really REALLY wanted to take pictures because the manicure was pretty rad, so I had my husband get out the camera we got for Hanukkah and put the batteries in it, since my nails weren't totally dry yet. At first the photos were crisp and in focus, but really sickly yellow tinged, and I was sadface all over again. Then I realized that I'm not necessarily the most tech savvy person, and my flash was off, so the only light was sickly yellow CFLs. I turned on my flash, and things started looking up, except now I had glare. I remembered reading on a nail blog about taping waxed paper over your flash to soften it, so I went to the kitchen for waxed paper. I discovered I had forgotten my waxed paper is unbleached eco friendly hippie crap, so it's brown. I tore off a bit of parchment paper instead and scotch taped it all haphazard over my flash. IT WORKED. Behold, my first nail photos.

Yellow is Orly Lemonade topped with NYX Girls Prismatic Gold, accent nail is Revlon No Shrinking Violet, then a tape mani angled over it with China Glaze Virtual Violet.

I'm pretty sure I won't normally be posting 12 photos, as that's a bit gratuitous (a bit?!) but I was excited, so here you go.

I still don't think I would call this a nail blog though, as I intend to also post about politics, feminism, food, and general angsty pissing and moaning if the mood strikes as well.


  1. Ooh, I love it! I haven't seen the "accent nail" before. Do you normally use 2 colors per nail?

  2. It all depends. I just learned about accent nails in the past few months, and I love them because it means I get to wear more nail polish at once. Sometimes all my nails are one color, sometimes I do an accent nail one color and the rest another, sometimes I do every nail with the same two or three colors, sometimes I do a skittles manicure and every nail is a different color.

    This is like my prime source of geektitude, I read nail blogs every day, and keep up on the new collections that are coming out. It's funny too, most of the time the only other makeup I have on is mascara, if I feel fancy I'll add tinted moisturizer and pink blush. You know I'm not a stereotypical girly girl, but I love the eff outta nail polish.

  3. That is pretty damn impressive as far as girly geekdom goes. You should make some extra cash on the side by doing hip manicures for the lazy (or inept nail painters of the world).