Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everything's coming up Milhouse

The doctor appointment went really well. My pain is likely just muscle or nerve pain that will heal on it's own, and the lumps are benign fat deposits, which sounds repulsive, but I'll take it over other lump possibilities. Dan and I said at the beginning of all this pain and testing and worrying that when it was all done, either via a clean bill of health, or surgical intervention, I'd get a special treat. Initially the treat was to be Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers and Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter, but the Lush product contains lanolin, and I'm trying to stop buying products with lanolin, because it comes from cute innocent sheepies, so that became a no go, and I started debating what to get instead.

After the doctor we went to Nordstrom to buy Ruby Red Slippers. The little old sales lady started haranguing me, along with the entire rest of the staff (there's no way they don't work on commission) and was like "you have to see this!" and brings me to the Butter London display "we just got this in, it's called Butter and it's from London" (actually, it's called Butter London, and it's from Seattle, WA) "it's Kate Middleton's favorite" (I doubt that's true, I think she was confused because BL named a polish after Kate Middleton, No More Waity Katie, which looks awesome, and I want it a lot.) I managed to shed the sales lady and shop in peace, and got a Butter London polish despite the sales stalking, Victoriana. I also saw an Estee Lauder polish I want, that they were sold out of, called Ultra Violet.

After Nordstrom we stopped at Sally Beauty Supply because I had a $5 off a purchase of $5 or more coupon, so I got China Glaze Avalanche for free.

Here's today's haul

Try and ignore the marks from my grubby mitts. I couldn't stop touching the bottles. And forgive me for disparaging the sales lady, rest assured she got her commission from my sale.

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