Friday, April 1, 2011

this isn't fair to my other nail polish

Deborah Lippmann-Ruby Red Slippers. Not a ton of sunlight (see the droplets of water? that's because it's lightly raining out) so the photos don't do this polish justice, but they're still above and beyond flash photos. Honestly, it may be impossible to capture this polish in a photo, it's that amazing.

Lookie! Nails like a cabaret.

New top coat as well, it's Beauty Secrets Fast Finish Polish Dryer Top Coat from Sally Beauty Supply, and it's super glossy. It doesn't seem to dry completely as fast as Poshe, but it dries fast enough, especially on the surface, that I don't destroy my manicure due to my inability to sit still long enough for polish to dry. It's far shinier than Poshe, very very inexpensive, and it goes on smooth. I think I'll stick with this unless it turns into a glob of goo in the bottle super fast. From what I can remember about the one time I had a salon manicure done (acrylics, oval shape, white with black zebra stripes airbrushed on) this was the top coat the salon used. Two manicured thumbs up.

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