Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 13 – A song that is a guilty pleasure

I had a ridiculous weekend, first my allergies are so bad I took 4, count them f-o-u-r different types of allergy medicine yesterday and still managed to feel like death, on top of that my lovely doggie Pogo had to make two trips to the emergency veterinary clinic. Far too much money later he's home and alright, incredibly tired and only getting small amounts of soft food for the next day or so, but alright, and he'll be completely fine soon. Then, when we got home from our second trip to the vet today we arrived home to find a small ant invasion in our kitchen.

So I needed a happy manicure. Chine Glaze-For Audrey, Wet n Wild-Easy Peasy Lemonhead on the accent nail, and cheerful nail decals of an ice cream cone and cherries. Happy happy nails.

For today's song (again, technically a day late, but since I'm still awake it's not really tomorrow yet, dig?) I was initially going to choose some pop song, possibly Christina Aguilera. But I'm not really that ashamed of my love of pop. I am however ashamed to admit I totally jam out and play air drums and car dance if this comes on the radio- Fall Out Boy-Sugar We're Goin Down (I saw these guys forevah ago in a tiny venue, a converted car repair type garage waaay before they got famous, because they used to have a few guys from my hometown in the band. They were AWFUL and everyone went outside during their set. My husband went to high school with one of them too, and used to play shows with these guys in their various previous bands with his old band. So it's even more embarrassing for me to love this song than it is for most people. Revel in my shame.)

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