Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 20 – A song that you listen to when you’re angry

Ended up staying home and in bed all day feeling kinda lousy, so no new nails. I did make some delicious cornbread for dinner to have with leftover chili we made Friday but hadn't had a chance to eat yet. So there's that.

I already posted my favorite song for when I'm angry as a different song, FYR by Le Tigre. I don't tend to get angry about my interpersonal relationships, except sometimes I'll fight with my mom, because even though I'm an adult she and I still know the exact right buttons to push to set each other off. It doesn't help that we're best friends too. So usually, if I get angry it tends to be political, either jerkoff dudes being gross and sexist, or racism/homophobia/transphobia/classism (my most hated ism lately) and on and on. I get mad crazy angry about political stuff, like if I get too wrapped up in it I can feel the veins in my neck bulge and I start obsessing wondering why people have to be such douchebags. So sometimes I listen to music when I'm angry about that stuff. When I fight with my mom I just vent to my husband, no music, though when I was a teenager and I'd fight with her I'd blare Nine Inch Nails just to irritate her.

So I'm having a hard time here. I just listen to music that makes me feel cathartic when I'm angry, because it helps get the anger out. I do like the Distillers-the Young Crazed Peeling for when I need some catharsis.

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