Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 19 – A song from your favorite album (and Across the Universe!)

I used two of the polishes my in-laws gave me for today's manicure, since I'll be seeing them tomorrow for Mother's Day. Chanel-Blue Satin with Deborah Lippmann-Across the Universe as an accent nail. It's all soooooo shiny. ♥

One Beat is in my opinion the best album Sleater-Kinney put out. I know that the critics swoon over the Woods, but One Beat will always own my heart. This song is my favorite, though it's hard to choose, because they're all so good. It's weird, Sleater-Kinney are probably my favorite band if you base favorites on frequency of listening, but I always tend to forget about them when forced to pick a favorite. I think it's because they're more subtle than a lot of the bands I tend to listen to. They're covertly awesome, sneaking into the top of your rotation without even trying.

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