Friday, April 15, 2011

...and the sky was grey

Overcast out, so my photos aren't very dynamic. It's a shame too, because in my not insubstantial collection of greens this is one of the most unique. I picked it up yesterday at Whole Foods after thinking about it and kicking myself for not getting it a month or so ago. It's a metallic lime green with almost a cool mint undertone. It has some brush strokes, being a metallic, similar to the Love My Nails chrome polishes, but they aren't incredibly noticeable. My nails make me very happy right now.

No Miss-Mt Dora Moss

Tomorrow I get my belated birthday presents from my in-laws, I know I'm getting high end fancy-pants polish, but I don't know what ones yet, so that's exciting, PLUS Dan is getting a new car as his undergraduate graduation present (a Toyota Yaris 5 door hatchback, extra doors in case we should ever decide to procreate) and I'm getting his current car (Yaris 3 door hatch, we love the Yaris) and then I'll soon be donating my car that's in not to great condition to Chicago Public Radio, it get's auctioned by a company and they get the funds. Because I love WBEZ and want to support them, and this is an opportunity to do so.

First though, I have to brave the winds that are so strong I'm afraid they'll rip my doors and windows off my apartment, and the inevitable rain the skies are threatening me with, in order to get groceries. Also, gotta make the coconut faux bacon bits from American Vegan Kitchen.

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