Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 11 – A song from your favorite band

I might do my nails later, but I'm not sure. I'm in a really awful mood, all nihilism and anger about the economy and my generation's ever diminishing future. I got in a spat with my mom earlier about the boomers, I think they destroyed everything and are all a bunch of jagoffs, and well, she is one. Rawr. I might take a nap, because when I get all fussy I treat myself like a toddler and declare it to be nap time. I did fry up some of our favorite tortillas from a Chicago company we love, making delicious homemade tortilla chips for the first time, so that's good, and there's curry in the crockpot for later, also good.

I don't so much have a favorite band. I have many favorite bands who I love deeply and passionately, each for their own reasons. Today I'll pick the band that probably shaped who I am as a person more than any other non-familial source.

This marks the second appearance of Ms Kathleen Hanna thus far, for those keeping track. She's a woman after my own heart, what can I say?

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