Sunday, April 17, 2011

everything times ten

Super pic heavy post, first my current mani, then 3 separate hauls I haven't posted yet.

Etude House BL009, this color is this amazing green/blue glass flecked duochrome that sometimes flashes teal as well. These picture do it no justice. You can see some of the flash in the bottle, and in the one indoor flash photo, but otherwise it looks like a pretty but plain washed out blue. Just trust that it isn't.

indoor flash shot

First haul, from Wednesday night at Meijer. I didn't intend to get myself anything, I was picking up a few Studio M polishes for a swap with a lovely lady from the PPK, and spotted these. The Wet N Wild black jelly with glitter was on clearance, and seems to be on old polish that may or may not have been LE, the colors of the glitter make me think it was from a Halloween collection, but a google search of blogs made it seem like it used to be part of the permanent collection. The yellow is from the Bloom collection, which I've been looking for since I saw it on Nouveau Cheap in March. I asked Wet N Wild on facebook and they said it was a Rite Aid exclusive, but it appears they lied (more evidence upcoming.) This polish was all by itself so I imagine Meijer had the full collection but the rest sold out. The Sinful Colors taupe with silver shimmer is rumored to only be available at Meijer, so for once I'm happy to live in the midwest/rust belt.

L-R Sinful Colors-Stella, Wet n Wild-Blackmail, Wet n Wild-Collecting Pollen

Once I found Collecting Pollen and realized I might be able to find the Bloom collection in my state after all (I live in a sad land lacking any Rite Aid stores) I resumed my search in any store I happened to enter. Friday after getting groceries in the nearest large town we stopped at the small local non-chain drugstore in our tiny town so I could buy some lotion (St. Ives Intensive Healing, it's awesome, and it says right on the bottle "Not tested on animals" and "Does not contain animal ingredients") and just for the hell of it I checked their tiny tiny makeup section. On the shelf up above their Wet n Wild display were two Bloom displays, one almost completely full, so I snagged the other colors I wanted from the collection (after doing this involuntary and embarrassing victory hop/fist pump.)

L-R Wet n Wild-Bird Bath, Wet n Wild-Sunburst, Wet n Wild-Garden Hose (still thrilled about these, happy dance and many !!!!!!)

Speaking of THRILLED, above and beyond even, yesterday I visited my in-laws for a belated birthday celebration, and I got my gifts from my ridiculously overgenerous MIL and FIL, SIX, that's right, six high end polishes, of the type I'm overall way too cheap to get myself

drooling here over my own photos
L-R Chanel-Blue Satin, Chanel-Black Pearl, Deborah Lippmann-Glitter in the Air, Deborah Lippmann-Across the Universe, Chanel-Particulière, Chanel-Vendetta

I have the best in-laws ever! Now I'm just waiting on my swap from the PPK, and my order from Ozotic in Australia, and then it should be a month before I get any more polish. Never fear though, I have an army of untrieds waiting to grace my digits.

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