Monday, April 4, 2011

camera woes

The camera I'm using uses standard AA batteries instead of charging on the USB. I discovered it eats batteries, and seems to HATE generic ones. I put in a new set of batteries earlier to take cake photos, took them out when I was done so they wouldn't drain, and when I put them back in it said they were dead. I'm not a perfect environmentalist, but I can't justify using new batteries every 5 photos. No way.

This is disappointing, because besides having a sweet new manicure on (Butter London-Victoriana with a Wet n Wild-Wild Card accent nail) I also got my birthday presents from Dan before bed tonight instead of waiting til morning. It is, after all, officially my birthday once it became midnight.

I want to share photos of said gifts because they include six polishes from Etude House out of South Korea, and they're beyond words so good, plus the red from the MAC Wonder Woman collection, and two awesome pairs of guy's sneakers from Payless (denim high tops and plaid canvas slip ons!!!)

Hopefully I get some rechargeable batteries very soon so I can share. I know that at some point I'm going to need to save the cash for a more practical camera, since choosing between one that takes discolored blurry photos, and one that dies after 5 photos is a crap choice. Of course, saving cash means a break from polish buying, so who knows when that will happen.

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