Friday, April 1, 2011

dismembered (misogyny bad, nail polish good.)

I saw this shirt at Kmart today. I went there looking for a few limited edition nail polish collections I've been trying to find all over. They didn't have them.

This shirt was in the section of clothes for teenage boys, the young men's section. From a distance it looked really colorful and abstract, so I went to get a closer look, because I liked it. But up close, I didn't like it at all. It's an incredibly stylized image of a woman. The way the graphic is constructed, she's been cut into pieces. There's an extraneous, out of place graphic element placed over where her mouth would be. Like she's gagged, or her mouth is taped shut. She's cut off at the feet. Only her breasts are perfect, and in one piece.

I can not look at this shirt without feeling hurt and angry. It feels like a stylized message of hate. It is neon misogyny, it may not have even been intentional on the designers part, but I've never seen a dismembered man on a tshirt at a discount department store before. This t-shirt reduces us to the sum of our parts.

Link for a close up view

On the upside, I went to Walgreens to take advantage of their Wet n Wild sale, with select items for just 69¢ including the Wild Shine nail polishes. I got three polishes for $2.20 including tax!


L-R Bijou Blue, Rain Check, Wild Card

I also went to Sally Beauty Supply and bought nail wheels to swatch my collection, and french tip guides so I can try a Ruffian manicure. Excited.

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