Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep (and a manicure)

I'll start with nail photos. This is another manicure where you'd be better off seeing it in person, compounded with the fact that yet again it's grey and overcast out. It's one coat of LA Girl-Crowd Surfing from the Rockstar line, a sheer polish with a green shimmer and flakies that flash orange/orangish pink, yellow, and green, layered over Wet N Wild-Buffy the Violet Slayer from the new-ish fastdry line, a bold almost neon purple with a pearl/chrome finish. The end effect reminds me of Jem, very bright, and truly outrageous (har!)

Onto the music, I have certain albums that will always be associated with bedtime, Madonna-Bedtime Stories, Siouxie and the Banshees-the Rapture, Sunny Day Real Estate-Diary, Slumber Party-Psychedelicate, the Postal Service-Give Up, Sleater-Kinney-the Hot Rock, and At the Drive-In-Relationship of Command are the ones I can remember most right now (I don't listen to music to fall asleep anymore, I outgrew needing it, now the white noise whir of a fan and an eye shade over my eyes is enough.)

I couldn't find a video from the Slumber Party album, which is sad making because it's such great music, an all girl band from Detroit, that nobody seems to have heard of. Instead I'll give you this- Sunny Day Real Estate-In Circles

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