Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone

No new mani today, still wearing the matte pink and black crackle, and still loving it.

In high school my friend Joey and I were on the newspaper. We would get permission to leave during the newspaper class period, allegedly to sell ads for the paper. But we never sold a single ad, instead we would ride around in Joey's car smoking illicit cigarettes. Sometimes we'd go to a store or a gas station to look around or buy candy. On our way to Joey's car we would stop at my car and grab my small CD binder. Joey and I listened to 3 CDs again and again and again, the soundtrack to the movie version of Grease, Bikini Kill's first two records on CD, and Pansy Division-Pile Up. It's like a scene from some 90s coming of age movie, the rebel riot grrrl and her best gay friend escape the conformity of high school and have a rad time in a musical montage. I was going to try to be cool and post something off the Pansy Division or Bikini Kill albums, but really, nothing makes me think of Joey like Grease. Just a few days ago Joey messaged me on facebook to tell me he missed me (a mutual feeling) and quizzed me on lyrics to this song.

Rizzo is the patron saint of bad girls everywhere. To this day I get giddy if I happen across Stockard Channing in a movie.

For my love Joey, who I'll always let see me cry.

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