Tuesday, April 12, 2011

glitter bomb

I couldn't decide what color to wear, so I chose three. This is a base of Orly-Liquid Vinyl (glossy black cream,) then a coat of Wet n Wild-Blue Wants to be a Millionaire (a sheer blue scattered holo,) and then instead of the WnW I topped an accent nail with Love My Nails-Angel Baby (two sizes of multi-colored iridescent glitter along with a fine microshimmer in a clear base.) The accent nail looks to me how I imagine the other nails would look under a microscope.

 Indoor shots to better show the accent nail, it was so glittery the sun washed it out


  1. Oh wow, the colour indoors is much brighter and you are so right, it's like you've zoomed in on the other nails and the 4th nail is what that would look like!

  2. Angel Baby is an awesome polish, it's these very sheer iridescent glitters that glow these crazy colors when you put them over a dark polish, and just shimmer sweetly on their own or over something light.