Sunday, April 3, 2011

gettin' older every day

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm gonna be 30. I am excited, but also nostalgic, I miss my misspent youth.

Today I hung out with my mom and baked my birthday cake. It's a mocha-maple-carob cake with coconut frosting. I put star sprinkles on it, because part of me is forever 5 years old.
I veganized this recipe for the cake (flax egg, butter flavored shortening for the butter since margarine is high sodium and I'm on a low salt diet per my nephrologist) as well as using far less salt than the recipe calls for, I just used a small pinch of ground sea salt

The frosting recipe is already vegan, but again I used butter flavored shortening in place of margarine

Here is my birthday cake, it looks delicious, I'm hoping it tastes just as good.

That's my mom's kitchen, mine is far more colorful, and my toaster is way sexier

sexy toaster:

(not my photo, taken from here: which is also where I bought the toaster)

Now I get to clean out my fridge (which is actually exciting because there's no room in there right now, and it's making me crazy) and then laze about and do my nails. I haven't done a manicure since Ruby Red Slippers, I'm overdue. 

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